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Kali Yoga,
3423 14th Street NW
between Monroe & Meridian on 14th.

Columbia Heights. Washington, DC

all that we ask is that you practice three days a week. you’ll breathe and move a bit. then some more. then, things get really neat.


we teach one-on-one in a group setting. Because of this, absolutely anyone can practice!  (yes, even you. especially you.)

students come and go freely. there is no “start time” after the first few weeks– just arrive with enough time to take practice before the doors close.

everyone has a sequence they are working on.  sequences are made up of postures and breath work, and the instructor  is there to help if you need it.  do the sequence you’ve been taught as you’ve been taught. easy.

try not to disturb the room as you come and go. the practice space is held mostly quiet, except for the sound of deep breathing and verbal instruction to individual students.

the room is pretty focused, so it might appear quite serious.

appearances can be deceiving.

“life is too important to be taken seriously” — oscar wilde

getting started

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brand new to ashtanga?

each day, you’ll show up and learn a little bit of the sequence. students can expect their first few days to be ~30 minutes. as you learn more, naturally the length of time practicing will grow.

for the first week, you’ll likely be assigned a start time that fits your schedule. by the end of the first week, most students are quite autonomous, receiving help and instruction only as necessary.

if a bit nervous or curious (or both!), you are welcome to stop by and observe before joining.

established ashtangi?

show up anytime. maybe just do primary the first day, if you plan on sticking around for a while.

timings & pricing


  • mon-thurs, doors open at 6am, assistance begins at 6:30am. please finish before 9 am.
  • friday is led primary series. we begin promptly at 6:15, and can expect to finish by 7:45. Students are welcome to leave early, as neccesary.
  • sunday is a community day– open practice,  runs from 7:30am-10am.
  • new and full moons, take rest. no practice.


  • Monthly (recurring): $145 (includes mat storage)
  • Month-to-Month: $160
  • 10 Class Drop-in: $160 (good for 6 months)
  • Drop In: $20 (for out of town students only)

new students: 

  • 2 Week Mysore Intro: $45 (this is for those new to the practice of ashtanga).



What is Yoga?

To practice yoga means to make efforts to better understand your self. Yoga is when you’re totally at peace with yourself and the world around you– and in order to do that, you gotta get to know yourself.

So how do I do that? By paying attention to your body and your breath, as well as your relationship to gravity. The body is a super-duper tool for observation, and that’s what ashtanga vinyasa yoga is all about.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga? What’s that?

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a physical practice (a moving mediation) designed to still the mind, bring ease to the body, and guide the practitioner to an awareness of their true self.

Ashtanga refers to a method of stilling the chatterings of the mind through an 8-fold path. In fact, this stilling of the mind is the essence of yoga— period.

Vinyasa refers the sequential order of things. Because we’re doing a movement practice, we’re sequencing breath and movement. “Vinyasa” in this context is the specificity of breath and movement.

Yoga, ultimately, is an appreciation of the world around you and your place in it. Seeing life as it actually is versus how we have been conditioned to experience it. The eight fold path is outlined in a book called “The Yoga Sutras” written by the Sage Patanjali. This stuff is pretty old and pretty awesome.

What Is Mysore? I guess firstly, the questions could be “where is Mysore?” Mysore is a city in southern India in the state of Karnataka. Two revolutionary yoga teachers, Krishnamacharya and Patthabi Jois, spent many years teaching here. “Mysore,” for our intents and purposes, refers to the style of teaching perfected in that southern city. Ashtanga yoga has been taught this way in Mysore for nearly 100 years!

What separates “mysore style” ashtanga yoga from other styles? Students are instructed individually in a group setting. Starting with a few sun salutations and a few closing postures, each student gradually learns their practice from their teacher piece-by-piece. Though most start somewhere around three days a week, a student is encouraged to work up to six-days a week of practice in order to best experience ashtanga yoga. As the student is able to memorize more-and-more of their practice, eventually they will hit a challenging posture that takes a bit more work than the ones before it. This is where the students and the teacher work together to make the impossible possible.

What if I can’t remember the sequence? That’s why the teacher is there! This is a practice that grows with student, and for many folks, choreography can be quite challenging! Not to worry, its why the mysore room is better than a DVD. A DVD won’t correct you. Because we are all growing a practice from the ground up—every day working— ashtanga vinyasa yoga, as taught in the mysore setting, is truly the only all-levels class out there. Appropriate for everyone, the practice is taught gradually, giving you time to memorize and explore.

moon days

At DC Ashtanga, we honor natural rhythms and cycles. Bearing that in mind, we observe new and full moons as rest days. No practice, take rest.

Sunday, February 26
Sunday, March 12
Monday, March 27
Tuesday, April 11
Wednesday, April 26
Wednesday, May 10
Thursday, May 25
Friday, June 9
Friday, June 23
Monday, July 10
Monday, July 24
Monday, August 7
Monday, August 21
Wednesday, September 6
Wednesday, September 20
Thursday, October 5
Thursday, October 19
Saturday, November 4th
Saturday, November 18
Sunday, December 3
Monday, December 18
Monday, January 1


we have found that many students enjoy learning via long-form explanations of particular themes. results suggest that taking the time in these intimate workshops proves beneficial to an individual’s daily mysore style practice.

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Tour of Intermediate:
Sunday, 6/19 – Kali Yoga Studio
Sunday, 7/23 – Kali Yoga Studio
Sunday, 8/21 – Kali Yoga Studio
Surya Namaskara
Sunday, 10/16 – Kali Yoga Studio


water: drink plenty. but not in the room.

food: don’t eat before practice. it’s early, anyway.

clothes: not too loose, not too tight.

hygiene: bathe before practice. come natural. please, no lotions or scented products.

bring: mat (manduka pro is our favorite), big towel, hand towel.

talk about ashtanga less than you practice it.

regular practice has been widely reported to bring great benifit. Inconsistent practice’s results can be…inconsistent.

come to practice. no one ever says “i wish I hadn’t practiced today.”


michael joel hall has…

been practicing yoga for his entire adult life.

is a level 2 authorized teacher of Ashtanga yoga, authorized by Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI.

continues to study with Sharath Jois, David Garrigues, and Rolf Naujakat.

maintains a modest sitting practice, having learned vipassana meditation at the Dhamma Mahavana Vipassana Mediation Centre.

practiced at length in the Iyengar tradition. apprenticed with Kristen Krash.

spent time with the Sivanandis at the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island.

studied public relations [george mason university] and worked in comedy club hospitality [dc improv].

please visit mjh’s website for more information about him.


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