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Yoga is a practice that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.


Eaton DC @ 1201 K Street NW.
Find us in the Wellness Center.

Morning Hours

Doors at 6:30.
Assistance from 7-10.


Ashtanga yoga is a simple meditation practice that uses the body as the object of contemplation. If you have a body, you can practice.


Ashtanga yoga's progressive and adaptable sequencing is proven to strengthen and mobilize the body while honing the mind. Strong people are useful!


Spending time in the abode of the heart and the lab of the body creates a strong understanding of the nature and workings of the self. Understanding ourselves breeds abiding peace.

I’m Brand New! What do I need to know?

Yoga is a state of being where the mind, body, and spirit are all deeply intertwined, awake, and connected. The practice of yoga is all about finding stillness through the ups and downs of life. This kind of stillness is easily called peace– and peace begins in our own minds, bodies, and spirits.

This practice is for everybody. We are a secular, minority owned and operated program striving to share a healing, therapeutic practice with anyone with a sincere desire to learn. You’re never too old, too young, too big, too small, too broken, or too good for practice. 

We start slowly. At DC Ashtanga, we use the breath, the body, and the eyes to help find moments of stillness and meditation. This three-pointed, yet singular, focus is deceptively simple and somehow subversively challenging. It’s so satisfying. Practitioners will learn little bits of a sequence based on their own individual needs and capacity. They’ll work one-on-one with a teacher to refine and progress. 

Come as you are. This is a fabulous meditation practice for, as Dan Harris says “fidgety skeptics,” as well as seasoned yoga practitioners looking for greater depth or understanding. Seriously, this yoga is for every body.

Ready to get started? Reach out and we’ll set up a time for you to either observe the room in action or begin practicing. 

We are grassroots, non-commercial, and committed to community, individuality and diversity. 

Our Staff

Mike Stefani

Mike Stefani

Teacher, Assistant

Mike brings a great enthusiasm to both the big movements and subtle shifts of ashtanga yoga practice. He been practicing with his teacher, Cory Bryant, at Flow Yoga Center since 2017, and has been assisting the program since 2018. Mike completed his 200 hour teacher training with Mimi Rieger in 2018, where he first worked with MJH. He continues to work with MJH and Corey's teacher, certified teacher David Garrigues.

Toni Wilson

Toni Wilson

Teacher, Den Auntie, Boss Lady

You'll see Toni first thing in the morning, creating sanctity and sanity in the space. In her own words:
About 12 years ago I tried a Yoga class in a church near Union Station and one day we had Sub who taught an Anusara style class, I loved it and have been part of the Yoga Community every since.

After Flow, Rocket, Power, Heated..Ashtanga Yoga is where I’ve landed [since 2014].

Ashtanga will challenge you and teach you to love yourself at the same time.

Kate Tully

Kate Tully


With a gentle touch, a compassionate nod, and the grace of a seasoned practitioner, Kate has been practicing for more than ten years (starting as a compliment to her competitive running program in high school!).

Maintaining a practice in the flats of east Africa, as a collegde student cum professor-- and many other hats more-- Kate is a gem and resource. She's studied hindi and sanskrit, has a seated meditation practice, and cares for the world and the community by developing impactful agriculture initiatives locally and abroad.

Proudly in Residence at
The Eaton Workshop

Student Testimonials

Here's what our students have to say
Jackie L.

Jackie L.

Today, what getting on my mat means to me is salvation. The practice helps teach me to understand compassion, love, and vulnerability, not just within myself, but more so in and towards others. It also ignites the passion, fight and strength to be my best, which in essence, truly humbles and grounds me. In the beginning, I learned about community as I practiced every morning amongst fellow practitioners, all working towards the same goal. Now I am realizing that it is a reflection of the unity of mankind, all living towards the same goal-liberation. Each time I step onto my mat, it is a step towards freedom, and an opportunity to face my deepest fears. My teacher Michael has been an invaluable element in this path, and I am deeply grateful for his insights, commitment and dedication, to his students and the lineage of this practice. I am excited for what will continue to unfold in this journey, and it is comforting to know my mat will always have my back.

Sergio F.

Sergio F.

Michael’s Mysore Magic. I’m a morning person, but even then getting to the shala is hard. As I sip coffee my mind starts its usual shpiel of reasons for crawling back to bed. This plagues me more or less until the count of two in Padangusthasana. Michael then provides that one tiny adjustment that makes all the difference to fully relax into the pose and then I’m hooked onto my breath for the rest of the practice. If not an actual adjustment then there are those hilarious verbal cues of his which I commit to memory and seem to emerge from brain or body at the exact time they are needed. I’ve now known Michael for some 5 years, which means that he knows my limitations and potential better than I do. His guidance is a map to explore not just the next asana, but to rediscover and find extraordinary pleasure and release in those poses I thought I was either bored with or stumped by. That’s Ashtanga in a nutshell and that’s Michael’s magic.

Jesse Farrell

Jesse Farrell

Half of Ashtanga is just showing up, several times a week. The other half is learning the poses, and learning how to calmly execute them, controlling your focus and your breath. The third half is a better life, or at least a more-interesting one, as you bring what you've learned into your daily activities off the mat. And sometimes you'll marvel at how you've exceeded your expectations of what your body can do.

The individualized instruction of the Mysore style is ideal, since no two bodies or practitioners are alike. Michael is an excellent guide through this great yoga tradition, whether you're a newbie, a levitate-off-the-mat master, or somewhere in the vast in-between; and DC Ashtanga is a wonderful community in which to learn this tradition.

Bretton Riley Keating

Bretton Riley Keating

I first began practice with Michael about three years ago, after practicing various styles of yoga for over a decade. My first day in his room, I will never forget what he said to me when I told him I don’t jump forward, because I jumped crooked as a result of structural imbalances. He said, “You’re allowed to jump crooked. You’re allowed to jump any which way you like. Lines straighten out over time.” Later that day I started to cry when I remembered his words, and realized that I had found what I didn’t know I was looking for: a space in which to come, exactly as I was, and dive deep into a practice which would not only accept my imbalances, but help me to work with them. This has been my experience of Michael’s teaching style: accepting, open, loving, and firmly dedicated to doing the work of the practice. He goes above and beyond to meet his students where we are and continues to inspire me, no matter what I am experiencing, to use the tools that the practice gives in a healthy, productive way. I am forever grateful for his teaching.

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