1. Pick an On-Ramp:

Observe: You’re encouraged to come sit-in on one of our daily mysore classes. You’ll see how the mysore room operates.
Dive in: Get started! You like what you’ve heard/read and are ready to take the plunge. Lets set you up with a start time!
Private Sessions: Sometimes groups can be intimidating. We get it. If you have special needs or would simply like more focused attention, we’re happy to help.

2. Show Up

Once you’ve decided how you want to get started, all you’ve gotta do is set up a time to come in.

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Here’s the low down on Showing Up 101:

  • wear clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty in. Make sure they aren’t too baggy or too restrictive.
  • bring a towel for your mat 
  • bring a change of clothes
  • please no scented products or fragrances
  • don’t eat beforehand
  • come hydrated

3. Repeat Step 2

Because of the memorization required, most students find a greater level of success by practicing in the Mysore Room three (or more!) days a week. Students are encouraged to add on more days as they feel appropriate. Though the practice is simple, it is not considered easy.

Ashtanga Yoga is designed for real people with real lives. Bearing this in mind, a month long commitment of 30-45 minutes a day, three days a week, is required.