We want to make learning Ashtanga Yoga as accessible as possible.

This practice is taught one-on-one in a group setting, and due to the individual nature of the teaching, practice is inclusive of ages, sizes, and skill levels-- no matter who you are, you'll fit right in.

Membership is by far the best option.

Unlimited Membership

- Unlimited In-Person Classes
- Full Access to Virtual Classes
- Discounts on Courses
-Access to Balance Gym

Mini Membership

Unlimited In-Person Classes
- Four Classes a Month
- Access to our Virtual Platform
- Discounts on Courses
-Access to Balance Gym

Let us give you a hand:

In the Ashtanga yoga system, every little thing we do is by design— the way that we breathe, the way that we hold our gaze, and the way that we hold our body.

I often think of the first little bit of time on the mat like learning scales for a musical instrument. First? Repetition. Before long, you’ll be able to string together some really lovely pieces.

But you can’t do it without the right notes. We have a number of ways to help get you practicing.

Intro Course

We've designed an online course that helps your get comfortable and confident enough to try yoga, from the comfort of your own home.

Foundations Class

We offer a class once a week just for beginners. This is a nice way to get started and explore the foundations.

Private Instruction

Book a time with one of our staff to learn ashtanga yoga one-on-one, without the crowd.

Pricing Plans

Full Membership

Unlimited in-person classes.
Unlimited virtual classes, both by DC Ashtanga and Balance Gym 

Unlimited access to Balance Gym Thomas Circle

Mini Membership

4 in person classes a month.
Full access to weekly interactive online classes.
Limited Access to Balance Gym.

USD $120

Virtual Membership

Access to weekly interactive online classes

Virtual Drop-in

USD $ 65

$ 15

Drop-ins and Packages

For those with established practices.

10-Class Package

Regular Drop-in:

Community Drop-in:

USD $ 300

$ 35

$ 25

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