Monday-Thursday, Mysore Style

**established students may arrive earlier than 6:30am


Friday, Led Class

**please arrive promptly by 6:15


Sunday, Self Practice

**enjoy the community


2018 Moon Days:

We honor new and full moons by taking a day off from practice. Because this is a “householders” practice,  we’ve scheduled the day off in a manner that serves the interests of those who might need days off back-to-back. If our day off doesn’t align best with your own needs, please feel free to take off as you see fit.


Monday April 16
Monday, April 30
Monday, May 15
Monday, May 29
Friday, June 15
Friday, June 29
Friday, July 13
Friday, July 27
Friday, Aug 10
Monday, Aug 27
Thursday, Sept 13
Monday, Sept 24
Monday, Oct 8
Wednesday, Oct 24
Monday, Nov 5
Friday, Nov 23
Friday, Dec 7
Friday, Dec 22
Sunday, Jan 6